The revolution will be televised...

Anyone know how to turn on the TV?

Technology should be FUN and easy to use. Watching a DVD should be a 1-button operation Listening to your iPod through your stereo should be as simple as docking it and pressing "Listen to iPod". People should come to your home, pick up the only remote they see and watch TV without having to ask how or be left to figure out which combination of buttons across 5 remotes lets you watch the news after work. Fun, simple enjoyment. Period.

You, your family, your business all deserve to enjoy the simple pleasure of music, movies, TV and presentation systems through simple controls. No jumbles of wires, multiple remotes, bad manuals and buttons that don't do anything or worse, do the wrong thing.

Very simply, we help you through all phases of conceptualization, design, building, expanding, and using your home entertainment equipment so you can just use it. So it just works. It's that simple, that's all we do. We fix technology so you can get back to enjoying sights and sounds, indoors, and through the house, with no fuss at all.

RTI Logo

We are an authorized dealer for 100 fantastic brands including RTI, Nevo and Onkyo . We're located right here in Austin, Texas and would be happy to talk about your current or future systems. No pressure, no sales pitches, just some people that like taming the blinky lights for you. Yes, we can maintain your existing Nevo and RTI remotes and can have beautiful custom interfaces built just for you. We specialize in custom, check out our portfiolio for examples.

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